Friday, September 22, 2017
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About Music-Charts
Music-Charts depicts relative popularity rankings of the web sites for music businesses in the categories of software development, musical equipment manufacturing and product retail. Rankings are based on third party data we collate about the amount of traffic a site receives.


Current chart-toppers:
No.1 in Software Developers Chart
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No.1 in Product Retailers Chart
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The #1 website in this category is for musical instruments. Know of any more music instrument sites? Let us know.

No.1 in Equipment Manufacturers Chart
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Getting on the Charts
To be eligible for inclusion in a chart on Music-Charts you must first submit your site via the online submission form. A link to the submission form can be found at the bottom of each chart. Only submit your site to one chart by navigating to the chart you wish to be eligible for and clicking on the submission link at the bottom of that chart.

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